NYC local elections roundup

15 Sep

Tomorrow is the primary election for New York City offices: mayor, city council, comptroller, public advocate, district attorney and probably a few other offices. The city is completely ignored in national elections; in fact, it is kicked to the curb by a lot of rural politicians, but I won't get … Read More »

Calmer than you are

11 Sep

I used to own a car. It was a teal blue 1993 Volkswagen Golf hatchback. I bought it when I was in college and had it junked a few months before I graduated, as getting it to pass state inspection would've cost more in repairs than I paid for the … Read More »

Drupal solutions for news sites: Multiple authors for nodes

5 Jun

As you might imagine, a significant part of my job at the Observer has involved creating sites that make publishing news online easier. I am, and always have been, a staunch believer in the fact that Drupal is one of the best web frameworks for news and publishing. The plethora … Read More »

A morality tale about taking open source for granted

19 Mar

A few weeks ago, I went on a couple of job interviews. Sadly, all the firms I interviewed with ultimately turned out to be what I consider bad citizens of the Drupal community, and of the open source development community in general. That is to say, although they were using … Read More »

On Drupal, Twitter, and the future

10 Mar

For the better part of last week, I was in Washington, DC attending this year's North American DrupalCon. Although a bit exhausting, mentally, it was a pretty interesting and enlightening experience. My first foray into the wider Drupal community was at last year's equivalent of this event, in Boston. It … Read More »

Drupal Tip: Never query CCK tables directly again

9 Jan

I'm currently in the midst of rebuilding Politicker from scratch with Drupal 6. It's a lot of work, but a good chance to get some things right that have always dogged us when maintaining the current (Drupal 5) iteration. One particular vow I've made is to avoid ever querying a … Read More »

In which I join the clannish ranks of the bike commuters

18 Dec

A few months ago, I joined the ranks of the 45,000 some New Yorkers who commute to work by bicycle. I don't ride every day, unfortunately. I skip it and take the subway if it's raining, exceptionally cold (as in, below 30 with a significant wind chill) or if I … Read More »

Media wasteland

17 Dec

Much ado has been made in the last few years about how print media is dying. It is pretty obvious why this is case. Practically everyone my age — and a good amount of people older than I am — want to get their news, analysis, gossip and so forth … Read More »