On the sheva brachot, my wedding, and UTF-8 support

21 Oct

Hello. It’s been some time since my last post on this blog, but I’ve just completed the next obvious life milestone after dropping out of my Ph.D program, which is getting married. My wedding was incredibly fun and my wife Michelle is a lovely lady, but rather than comment on … Read More »

What I tell people when they ask me what I do

18 Apr

Like all gentry-class young professionals and grad students, I always get asked what I do. You know, for a living. For the past two years I've been an astrophysics grad student by day and web development shop owner by night, or vice versa, depending on my schedule. When I told … Read More »

Apple giveth, Apple taketh away

27 Jun

When I was a teenager, I was an extremely diehard supporter of what was then called Apple Computer, Inc. It's a little embarrassing to think about now, because as an adult I'm pretty opposed to the idea of anyone's identity being that closely tied to a company that they patronize … Read More »

Overheard in L.A.

25 Jun

I spend a lot of time at Coffee Commissary. It contains predominantly morose-looking screenwriter aspirants typing away furiously in Final Draft. Occasionally there's someone with a graduate school psychology textbook and a highlighter. Pretty often though, some people are on a weirdly revelatory first (or second, or third) date, right … Read More »

Dear Diary

9 May

I wish that I were one of those people who could write both well and often, but I am not, due to the mutually exacerbating facts of my busy schedule and extreme tendency to procrastinate. I feel that anyone who reads this blog probably knows me in some other context … Read More »

Montréal: d'hier à aujourd'hui

4 Jun

Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a road trip up to Montreal. Much like New York, Montreal interests me both as a place and as a concept. I started learning French in school when I was in 3rd grade, although I've never actually lived in a French speaking place, so … Read More »

Securitas Drupalensis

21 May

Back in January, a Drupal module called User Queue that I wrote and contributed to drupal.org got flagged as having a security vulnerability. To be clear, although User Queue is sort of useful (it's in production on both Observer.com and The Big Money), it's not exactly a huge or mission … Read More »

Just call it Christmas

1 Dec

This time of year, the people at Fox News predictably start chattering about the by-now infamous war on Christmas. Accordingly, the people over at Daily Kos and other liberal motherships (like MSNBC, these days) start shooting back. A recent Rasmussen poll found that a majority of Americans would rather see … Read More »

FarmVille: Compromising the integrity of computer games

21 Nov

I'm part of perhaps the first generation of people who grew up with commercially-produced computer games alongside their physical, real-world toys. I've been playing some kind of computer game (or console video game) off and on my entire life. When you break it down, all computer and video games have … Read More »

Be cool. Drive a car.

20 Nov

Recently, I've been thinking about how cars are portrayed versus other forms of transportation in movies, TV shows, even commercials. In fact, what really prompted this was the following Audi commercial, which was picked up by a number of transportation and urban planning blogs. Observe. <!–break–> Now, what must the … Read More »