6 Nov

I was pretty confident that Obama would win, but seeing it actually happen was pretty amazing. Moving, even. Most of my political life has involved seeing George W. Bush be elected and then reelected, during which Democrats either failed to gain ground in Congress or actually lost a bunch of … Read More »

Do you have a minute for me to totally guilt-trip you?

30 Oct

I guess you could say I am totally “in the tank” for Barack Obama. In fact, I could've told you at least 8 years ago that I would be voting for Obama (or whoever the Democratic candidate ended up being) next week. I would almost venture to say that in … Read More »

Strange times to be a Jew

21 Sep

I just finished reading Michael Chabon's excellent The Yiddish Policeman's Union (for which there are total spoilers below the fold, by the way). A very interesting read, having just visited Israel recently. For those who are not familiar, the novel deals with an alternate timeline in which the United States … Read More »

Why does Rice play Texas?

26 Aug

Ted Kennedy's speech tonight at the Democratic Convention in Denver was one of the more moving ones I can recall. While in general this year's convention is already far better than 2004's total snooze-job of a convention for a total snooze-job of a candidate, this speech was pretty special. The … Read More »

Some thoughts on my trip to Israel

24 Jul

I just returned from a 12-day trip to Israel provided to me by a conclave of Zionist masterminds Birthright Israel which hands out free trips to the Holy Land for Jews aged 18-26. On the whole, it was a pretty positive experience. This particular trip was for people 22 and … Read More »

The curious demographics of the F train

19 Jun

At my old job, there was a lot of unspoken pressure to show up right at 9:00 a.m. Of course, I never really managed to do that consistently, but I tried. Given the 35-40 minute ride on the F train to get there, I would shoot for getting to the … Read More »