Dear Diary

9 May

I wish that I were one of those people who could write both well and often, but I am not, due to the mutually exacerbating facts of my busy schedule and extreme tendency to procrastinate. I feel that anyone who reads this blog probably knows me in some other context and is aware of what I've been up to since I stopped updating this regularly, but in any event, here are some tidbits, roughly in chronological order.

  • I left my full-time job as lead Drupal developer at Slate in July of 2010. I had a great time working there and had a chance to meet some excellent individuals, and I continue to be able to impress people at parties with the fact that I know that one dude who writes that one column.
  • Since leaving my job at Slate (and in an asynchronous fashion since early 2010), I've been a co-founder and managing partner of Alley Interactive, which has grown from two dudes sitting at Austin's kitchen table to a real company with 10 employees and an office in the Flatiron District. I have loads to say about starting and running a small business, though most of it is probably not that original.
  • I moved from my beloved Brooklyn to the sub-topical wasteland known as Los Angeles in August, 2010. My feelings about this both before and after the move are naturally quite complex and it would hardly do to even summarize them here. I did write a pretty verbose memoir about my cross-country drive, which I had hoped to edit down and post for posterity. However it seems so dated compared to where I'm at now that I've lost motivation to do it. Maybe I will get around to it one of these days.
  • I joined the Department of Astronomy at UCLA as a graduate student in September. I have lots of thoughts about the trials and tribulations of science and/or academia that, again, I will hopefully find time to write down one of these days.

So, that was essentially a list of topics that I would be writing about if I had time or motivation. Since I don't, I guess the likely single-digit number of people who read this blog will just have to wait until the mood strikes me again. I really am going to try to get back into the swing of blogging but I'll have to start midstream, so I thought I'd post this even though I usually don't go into great personal detail on here.

On a small administrative note, I turned off comments since spam bots have advanced to the point of being able to beat simple CAPTCHAs (or the spammers have, sadly, hired live humans in the developing world to do this for them). I don't think it's much of a loss and I don't honestly care much to have a “comment culture” on my personal blog. If you want to contact me, tweet me or use the contact form on this site.